Tips to Save Money When Dining Out

Eating out is a great hobby to have if you can afford it. Unfortunately, in today’s economic climate, many people have had to forego their weekly dining out experience. When money’s tight, eating out is usually the first little luxury to go. But while a weekly trip to your favorite restaurant may not be possible…

Not so Typical Things You Can Do to Save Money

You probably already know the “usual” ways to save money packing your own lunch for work or school; clipping coupons; buying used versus new, et cetera. These are typical things that many of us do, so we don’t give them much thought. However, there are some not-so-typical ideas out there that can save you even…

Ten Easy Ways to Lower Your Electric Bill in Summertime

10 Easy Ways to Lower Your Electric Bill in Summertime by Antonia Anderson How do you keep your home cool without making your electricity bill soar sky-high? There’s no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to saving money on your cooling bill, but at least one of these ten approaches should help you cut costs. 1….

Saving Money at the Grocery Store – Tips for Survival

Saving money has always been important, and it is vital for families to save their cash where they can and when they can. Since the monthly food budget makes up such a large percentage of total spending for many families it makes sense to focus on the grocery store as a source of additional savings….

Banks are Increasing Interest Rates: What Can a Consumer Do?

Bank of America recently raised the ire of customers — and some in the government – when it raised the interest rates for customers with low interest rate credit cards who carried balances on those cards. Suddenly cardholders who had been paying less than w% interest were facing huge increases in those rates, along with…