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Save Money with Picture Gifts

Are you short of cash this year and unsure how to afford Christmas presents? Think about giving meaningful gifts without spending a fortune and without increasing credit card debt. Here are ideas for how to use pictures to create unique gifts for every member of the family.

Do you have lots of pictures sitting around your house? Since you may get more prints than you need, use extra photos for these gift ideas:

  1. Create a mini-scrapbook or mini-album tailored to the gift recipient. Some nice scrapbooks and photo albums are available for only $1 at the dollar store. Be creative about organizing the photo album around a theme. This personalized gift shows how much you care. Also, if you don’t normally give photo gifts, it will be unexpected.
  2. Buy handmade picture frames at the dollar store. You can get one or more family portraits taken at the department store or Wal-Mart. After your prints are ready, place each portrait in a beautiful frame and give it the perfect gift for your family. A nice way to make this present more thoughtful is to add a gift card for a smaller amount than you would normally buy. Together, the photo frame and gift card are personalized and make the recipient feel appreciated.
  3. Have your kids and spouse assist with designing picture frames or ornaments for gift photos. If you buy the most attractive materials from the dollar store, your family can have a lot of fun making these gifts. If you think this gift appears too cheap, you can find ways to fancy up each gift. Make each frame or ornament personal, and give multiple frames or ornaments to each person.

Gift-giving at Christmas does not have to ruin your finances because it is really your thought that counts. Personalized photo gifts are a great way to show you care.

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