What Makes a Successful Person a Success?

Successful people always give their best effort, even when they think no one is watching. They are working—not just to please a boss—but for the satisfaction of a job well done. They know that they have been entrusted with certain responsibilities, and they are going to do more than just the bare minimum to get by.

Wayne Gretzky, recognized by many as the greatest hockey player of all time, made it a point to always give 100 per cent. Even though he knew he could get by with coasting through some games and no one would have complained, he always gave his all. He reasoned that in the stands during every game there was someone seeing him play for the first time and someone seeing him play for the last time. Not wanting to disappoint either one, he played to the best of his ability regardless of where his team was in the standings and what personal records were at stake.

Those who take it easy and play solitaire while the boss is out of the room will rarely if ever achieve success. The ones who truly excel are the ones who exceed expectations. They are the ones who show up early and stay late. Rather than just going about business as usual, they are always looking for ways to d o their work more effectively and efficiently.

Plus, they are committed to bettering themselves. They regularly read, listen, or watch content that will inspire, equip, and empower them. They stay on top of new developments in their field and discover practical applications for their own settings.

No, successful people are not always the smartest nor the brightest. But they are devoted to consistent growth and improvement. Through their efforts, they make those around them better, too.

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